Snow Goose Hunting

Snow Goose hunting, Currituck County, North Carolina, Fourth Generation Outfitters

North Carolina Snow Goose Hunts

Snow goose hunting is our passion at Fourth Generation Outfitters… our favorite type of hunting. We hope to share with you the excitement and challenge of going snow goose hunting. There is nothing more exciting than watching thousands of birds come from the refuges to the plentiful agricultural fields to feed.

At Fourth Generation Outfitters we hunt Snow geese in North Carolina two different ways. The first way is a field hunt, that starts early mornings by putting out 800-1400 GHG FULL BODY decoys. This is a physical hunt! All hunters are given white suits where we will lay in the middle of the decoys. We provide layout mats to lay on. Hunters must be able to lay on their backs and sit up to shoot. We can take up to 8 hunters; shots will range from 10-60 yards.


The second way is a hunt on the water of the Currituck Sound, out of our scissor rig (boat).  

Fourth Generation Outfitters takes pride in their heritage. With four generations in their blood, they're continuing the tradition of hunting Snow geese out of their scissor rig. 

The scissor rig dates back to the market gunning days. Sink boxes have been outlawed in much of the state, but Currituck County has kept the scissor rig style of hunting alive. Fourth Generation Outfitters has taken this method of hunting and perected it! Snow geese spend half their day on the water and half of their day in the field. Water hunts are a good way to catch the snow geese first thing in the morning. As they leave the roost in the morning, some of them are not ready to leave for the fields and will decoy nicely on the water. We may hunt the water on raining days, as the farmers don’t want anything messing up the fields, or on calm days as they fly higher over the fields which makes field hunting harder. This will be the guide’s decision the night before, or the morning of the hunt, depending on weather conditions. We can hunt up to 5 hunters on the water.

(Both types of hunting are half days of hunting only, as this allows time for scouting in the afternoons.)

(Please call us once you have arrived in town to set up a time and place to meet!)

  • DUE TO  UNEXPECTED WEATHER:  We can't guarantee weather or when the birds will fly, some things you just can't control. For our water hunts, we reserve the right to reschedule or may offer you a field hunt option if the water is at a dangerous level due to heavy rain or winds. Your safety and the safety of our guides is our primary concern. 

Snow Goose hunting, Currituck County, North Carolina, Fourth Generation Outfitters

Conservation Season

Snow Goose season is broken up into 2 different season's

Regular season starts on the opening day of the November duck season, and runs until the second Saturday in February. Limit is 25 per hunter.

Snow goose conservation begins after the second Saturday in February, and runs until the end of March. We can use e-callers and unplugged guns during this time. You must obtain a free snow goose conservation permit during this season. There is no limit per hunter.  Light Goose Conservation Season Permit Information 

Snow goose hunts are broke up into 2 different styles of hunts.

(Please check price page for snow goose prices.)

  1. Field Hunt: 1/2 day hunt. All hunters are asked to put out and pick up decoys. There is a no hunter minimum.


2. Sissor Rig Hunt: 1/2 day hunt.  3 hunter minimum and 4 hunter Max on our sissor rig hunts.

Recommended Lodging for our North Carolina hunts:

Hampton Inn- 402 Halstead Boulevard, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 27909, USA Phone (252)-333-1800 

Fairfield Inn- 1640 City Center Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Phone: (252) 333-1003

Comfort Inn 306 S Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

 Phone: (520) 505-2817 

Snow Goose hunting, New York, Fourth Generation Outfitters

New York Snow Goose Hunts

At Fourth Generation Outfitters we chase snow geese with a passion. We offer snow goose hunting in Finger Lakes Region of  New York.  New York has some of the prettiest country sides and is one of the best snow goose hunting places outside of North Carolina and the Eastern Shore. What sets NY snow goose hunting a part from other states on the  Atlantic Flyway , is the daily migration.  You have to be willing to travel with the birds. We hunt from Seneca Lake to Wolcott.  New York snow goose hunting has the same layout as our North Carolina field snow goose hunts. Hunters are given white suits and lay among the decoys. Hunters are asked to please help set up and take down the snow goose decoys. At Fourth Generation Outfitters, we hunt over GHG full body and Dive Bomb sock decoys, as the birds are very smart and weary. Out of State License run around $100.00 AND CANNOT BE BOUGHT ONLINE.

Please allow time to get to New York and purchase a hunting license.

These are half days of hunting only, as this allows time for scouting in the afternoons. 

Recommended Lodging for our New York Snow Goose Hunts:

Days Inn Auburn/Finger Lakes Region
37 William St , Auburn, NY 13021 US

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