North Carolina Duck Hunts

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Northeast North Carolina has been known for its duck hunting with the Currituck Sound being no exception. For over four generations, my family has been guiding on bodies of water such as Coinjock Bay, North River, and the Currituck Sound. North Carolina’s duck hunting has been on a rising demand for all hunters. We at Fourth Generation Outfitters specialize in waterfowl hunting. A short boat ride will take you to one of our large blinds ranging from open water to marsh blinds. We also hunt from a float blind called a scissor-rig, or our 1 man Layout Boats. Hunting location is determined by the guides and is based off of weather conditions. Some of the ducks you can expect to see are puddle ducks such as teal, wigeon, gadwall, mallards, and black ducks. Also divers such as blackheads, ringnecks, buffle heads, canvasbacks, and redheads. Our duck seasons consist of a 4 day season in October, and starts again the third Saturday in November with a week and a half break in December and continues until the last Saturday in January. Northeast North Carolina offers an early teal season east of Highway 17 in September as well. We only allow four hunters per guide to ensure safety. We welcome father/son/daughter/mother hunts also. Included in the hunt is transportation to and from the blind, the guide, and the setup of our decoys. 

All North Carolina Duck Hunts end at 1:00 pm, as this allows time for scouting in the afternoons.



Different types of waterfowl hunts may be combined on our North Carolina Duck hunts. Such as a swan/duck/or goose combo. (Please see price page for pricing) You must purchase a North Carolina hunting license, which can be purchased locally, by phone, or online at  A duck stamp is needed for hunting all waterfowl. You may apply for a swan permit between July 1st - October 1st. Swan permits are given upon a lottery drawing,  you are not guaranteed to get a swan permit. Things you will need to bring: Waders (they are not a must, but if you have them bring them), rain gear, warm clothes, firearm, ammunition, and a cooler for your meat. 




Recommended Lodging for our North Carolina Duck Hunts at :

Hampton Inn- 402 Halstead Boulevard, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 27909, USA Phone (252)-333-1800 

Fairfield Inn- 1640 City Center Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Phone: (252) 333-1003

Comfort Inn- 306 S Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

Phone: (520) 505-2817 


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Virginia Guided Diver & Sea Duck Hunts

It is no secret that Virginia holds some of the best guided diver & Sea duck hunts on the Atlantic Flyway. We at Fourth Generation  Outfitters made it our passion to chase the king of all ducks, The Canvasback & all types of sea ducks!! We hunt the Lower James River, Back Bay, and Lower Chesapeake Bay out of our Sissor rig or layout boats. Hunting location is determined by the guides and based off of weather conditions. The Canvasback is one of the most sought-after ducks. They like big body's of water, and sit in large rafts of ducks. It takes a big decoy spread for one of our Virginia guided diver hunts. Our Sea Duck hunts are a lot of fun. You get lots of shooting in, as these are tough birds to knock down! We recommend #1 or BB shot for Sea Ducks. In Addition to the canvasback, & Sea Ducks, Virginia also holds lots of Buffle Heads, Blue bills, Red heads, and Brant, just to name a few.

Duck hunting, Chesapeake Bay Virginia, Fourth Generation Outfitters

Virginia Guided Puddle Duck Hunts

 On a typical Virginia Guided duck hunt, it's much like the same style of hunting as our North Carolina duck hunts. We hunt out of a scissors rig or bush blind. Hunting location is determinded by the guides and based off of weather conditions. One of Virginia's best kept secret is the puddle duck hunting. Ducks like Wigeon, Black ducks, Mallards, Shovelers, and Gadwalls call the salt water marshes of Virginia home for the winter. Sunday hunting is allowed for waterfowl in Virginia, so we can extend our hunting and weekend seasons. Virginia also offers a chance to draw 1 of 750 swan permits. Out of State license can be purchased online at (estimate $100) 

All Virginia Duck Hunts end at 1:00 pm, as this allows tme for scouting in the afternoons.  

Duck hunting, Chesapeake Bay Virginia, Fourth Generation Outfitters


Recommended Lodging for our Virginia Duck Hunts at : 

 Hampton Inn Suffolk

1017 Centerbrooke Ln, Suffolk, VA 23434

Phone: (757) 935-5880

 Days Inn Suffolk

1526 Holland Rd, Suffolk, VA 23434

Phone: (757) 539-5111