Currituck County, North Carolina Goose hunting.

CAROTANK "Land of the wild goose."

 Algonquian Indians called this area “Carotank” meaning “land of the wild goose.” Today, it is known as Currituck. The area remains synonymous with waterfowling in more than name alone. Situated on the Atlantic Flyway, Currituck Sound is an ideal stopover for migrating ducks, geese and swans. Nothing has changed since these early days except for the resident goose population. Each year it continues to rise. We hunt over the Currituck Sound in a Scissor Rig (float blind) or in stationary bush blinds. We can accommodate up to five hunters at a time. 

Currituck County, scissor rig, Goose hunting, Fourth Generation Outfitters


The season is September 1 through 30.

Fourth Generation Outfitters takes pride in their heritage. With four generations in their blood, they're continuing the tradition of hunting Canada geese out of their scissor rig. 

The scissor rig dates back to the market gunning days. Sink boxes have been outlawed in much of the state, but Currituck County has kept the scissor rig style of hunting alive. Fourth Generation Outfitters has taken this method of hunting and perected it! 


In addition to the September goose season, northeast North Carolina also offers an early September Teal season in mid-September. During this time hunters may have the opportunity to shoot 6 Teal per hunter and your limit of Geese for no extra charge.

Please come join the Fourth Generation Outfitters crew, and experience a piece of history.  

Currituck County, North Carolina Goose hunting Fourth Generation Outfitters


The season is September 1 through 30. 

Hunters are advised to bring a light coat, rain gear, bug spray and or ThermaCell, license, guns, and ammunition. Hunters will be hunting out of a boat, and at this time of the year, the weather is generally cool in the morning but warms up in the afternoon. Layers work best so if you get hot or cold, you can remove or add clothing. I would suggest shooting BB’s, BBB’s, or T’s for Canada goose.

Groups of 4 or more hunters will not be placed with other hunters. 

Any group of 3 or less hunters may be placed with other hunters to fill the boat. Hunters are asked to call at one day before the hunt to ensure birds are here for their hunt. If no birds are here during the time of your hunt a later date can be arranged.


Recommended Lodging for our North Carolina hunts:

Hampton Inn- 402 Halstead Boulevard, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, 27909, USA Phone (252)-333-1800 

Fairfield Inn- 1640 City Center Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Phone: (252) 333-1003

Comfort Inn 306 S Hughes Blvd, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 

Phone: (520) 505-2817 

It's more than a Guide Service... IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!

Here At Fourth Generation Outfitters, we take pride in our life style. As hunters we all take so much out of the wild. We need to give back when we can. This video was to show our local government of Currituck County, that we at Fourth Generation Outfitters and other hunters will stand and fight for our future in waterfowl hunting, so that our kids and the next generation can experience what we love...